Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Something to cry about

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My daughter’s wedding was beautiful. Her dress, hair, and makeup were flawless, and she truly did look like a princess straight out of a fairy tale. I fought back my tears well into the night. If I cried, she would have cried. I wanted her photos to be perfect.

The photographers did an excellent job capturing the day’s events. Hair and makeup, revealing her dress, walking to the altar, saying “I do,” the first dance, and more—they turned all these moments into beautiful memories. Her daddy’s friend brought one of his gorgeous classic cars for photos, and she now has a stunning reminder of how lovely she truly was on her wedding day.  

Photo: David and Sarah's Photography

There are so many breathtaking photos, but one picture is something to cry about.

The bride and groom both wanted to honor people in their lives who had passed away before their big day. There was a row of empty seats dedicated to these loved ones, and photos of some of their grandparents were displayed on a nearby table. It was important to them to have the people they loved attending their wedding, even if only in spirit. There was one important person still living that wouldn’t be able to attend.

My daughter’s grandfather has suffered multiple strokes and has a number of other health concerns, including mobility issues. When she was told he couldn’t come to her wedding, she understood. She really wanted him to be there, but she knew how difficult it was for him to leave the house.

When he arrived at the wedding, my husband rushed to me and whispered, “He’s here.” He promptly excused himself to regain his composure. He didn’t want to make our daughter cry right before the ceremony. He made it. No matter how difficult it was for him, her grandfather made it to her wedding. It was the best present she could have received on her wedding day.

There are many memories of that day that bring a smile to her face, but there was indeed something to cry about.

Photo: David and Sarah's Photography

This. This photo is something to cry about.

No matter how hard it was for him, he was there to watch her walk down the aisle. No matter how difficult it was, he managed to show up at her wedding and witness a princess marry her prince. No matter how painful it was, he was there…because he loves her. To her, it will always be something to cry about. 


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