Saturday, January 02, 2016

How to love a Tater Tot

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To love a child

Give lots of hugs and kisses: Tater Tot is hugged and kissed all day long. Why else would she hug and kiss everyone when she says goodbye?

Spend time with them: Tater Tot is accustomed to reading books together, playing silly games, and having back and forth 'conversation'. How else would she learn so much? How else would she love so much?

If they're unlovable, love them: Tater Tot gets cranky, and she is smothered with love until she's happy again. Why do you think Tater wants to crawl into your lap when she's in a bad mood?

Be patient: Tater Tot has a sweet little face that commands patience and understanding with no effort. Why do you think she isn't afraid when she has an uh-oh moment?

Encourage them to be themselves: Tater Tot's uniqueness is what makes everyone fall in love with her. Why do you think she is so expressive and bold?

Read books out loud with joy: Tater Tot will bring you her entire collection of books one by one because she is accustomed to being read to multiple times a day. Check out the video on Facebook where Tater reads to Gran. How else would she know how you are supposed to read a book?

Be silly together: Tater Tot has perfected the art of being silly, because she learned from the silly people she calls family. Again, why do you think she is so expressive?

Get outside and play: Tater Tot imitates wind blowing through the trees. She loves to feel the sun on her face and the grass beneath her feet. Why do you think she loves camping and going to the park?

Play dress up: Tater is learning how to dress herself, and I'd say she's pretty close to the dress-up phase.

Let them pick out their own clothes: See above.

Laugh a lot: Tater Tot laughs all day long. She has a hearty laugh that creates laughter. She has made me laugh until I cried many, many times. Why do you think she imitates Gran's laugh?

Have family movie nights: Tater Tot loves to cuddle up and watch movies. We have regular movie nights. How else would she know parts of her favorite movies?

Encourage kindness and generosity: Tater Tot says please and thank you. Tater Tot shares with others. Give Tater something. Anything. She'll respond with 'thank you' almost every time, and she did this when she was just 16 months old. (Set an example, and children learn.)

Remember the little things are the big things: It's the little things Tater Tot does and says that melts hearts. Look over this page and you will see all the little things Tater does and says, because those things are so very precious.

Have fun: Tater Tot has so much fun. So much. Look at all the photos and videos. See that sweet smile?

Tell them how truly special they are:
Tater Tot...well, everyone dotes on Tater. Everyone tells her just how truly amazing she is dozens of times each day.

Tater Tot is blessed with so much love. She is adored. She is the center of attention whenever she enters a room. This precious, sweet child couldn't be more loved. All children should be as blessed as Tater, because love is what nurtures a child's soul. And, that...that is something Tater Tot has plenty of: Love. Yes, Tater has plenty of clothes and toys and books and movies, and this list could go on and on with all the things sweet Tater has. Yes, Tater has more stuff than she has room. (Her toy box Pappy made her 'overfloweth'. She has enough stuff to fill a whole houseful of rooms.) But, she has more love than some children will have in a lifetime. Stuff doesn't matter. It's the love that matters, and as long as there is plenty of room for's okay. We'll find more room for toys later, but for now we're just busy loving her.

If only every child could know the love Tater knows...

Imagine if every child was loved like this. The next generation would be filled with wonderful, compassionate people.

Love your children and grandchildren. Just love them.

Best Wishes,


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