Friday, December 25, 2015

A Christmas to Remember

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We were so very blessed this Christmas for a number of reasons. Many suffered great losses the day before Christmas Eve, and we are fortunate that all our friends and family are safe. Just thinking about the families who lost loved ones during the severe weather makes all of us appreciate how precious life truly is and realize just how blessed we are to enjoy another holiday season with the ones we love.

We're blessed.

Tater Tot's second Christmas

Little Miss Tater Tot has had a wonderful Christmas. This precious angel is loved. She's a very lucky girl to have so many people who love her. She received lots of presents this year (and I do mean lots), and she really enjoyed opening gifts and discovering what Santa brought her. But, the greatest gift she received was far too big to be wrapped or placed under a tree. Tater was surrounded by loving family throughout the season. She traveled from home to home to spend time with people who filled her days with love and laughter. She was held and hugged and rocked and loved. She probably heard the words 'I love you' hundreds of times from dozens of people. This adorable little baby has brightened the lives of all of us, and I know I'm not the only one who wonders how they ever lived without this magical being.

We're blessed. 

After a long night of running to take Tater to see some of her greatgrandparents and then rushing to see my oldest son on his birthday before helping Mama and Dada Tater assemble gifts and arrange them around the tree, I spent most of the night awake. I had just closed my eyes around 4:30 AM when Tater Tot and Ry-Ry woke up. Tater came around the side of the bed and gave me morning sugars on Christmas. (Does it get any better than this?) I was so, so tired but still managed to pull myself out of bed, even if just for a short while, to watch her amazement as she discovered each thing Santa had brought her. I watched her enthusiastically rip paper off her wrapped gifts, and I was glad to be able to share this moment. I was glad that I got to see Mama and Dada Tater's joy as they watched her rush from toy to toy trying to decide what to play with first. I was just glad.

We're blessed.

I was glad that Ry-Ry really enjoyed her Christmas. She's grown so close to little Avery. Ry-Ry is Gran's baby. She is the youngest child. She's had to take a backseat so many times this year as we focused on Caleb's needs. She's been understanding and patient - more patient than you can expect from a typical teen. As our lives return to normal, we have time to enjoy spending time with her. I feel like we've missed a lot with her this year, and even though it was out of necessity it hurts thinking of how much time I missed when she is growing up so fast. It's nice enjoying the holiday break from school and just being able to be here with her. Ry-Ry had a pretty great Christmas, too. Seeing her growing up still makes me sad, but Tater eases the sting a bit. 

We're blessed.

And Caleb? Most of you know he has had a very tough year. He's endured so much. The greatest gift we could ask for was for his medical issues to be a thing of the past. He has been pain-free for almost four weeks now. That's something he hasn't experienced in over a year, and I can't even begin to describe what a blessing this is. His surgeries are over. He can go back to being a regular teenage boy. And we can go back to worrying about normal things parents of teens worry about rather than appointments, travel, surgeries, recovery time, med schedules and anything to do with tubes. We're enjoying being able to worry about how he is progressing with his driving and which colleges he is considering. He has had a great Christmas, and seeing him being a regular ol' teenage boy...

We're blessed.

We have so many things to be thankful for that I can't name them all. Mama and Dada Tater kept saying they felt bad they weren't giving us a gift. We told them over and over again not to get us a gift. They have already given us the greatest gift - a wonderful, loving, adorable angel that we get to call our granddaughter. And we're blessed to be able to share so much of her life with her parents. 

Oh, yes. We're blessed.

Be sure to tell your 'blessings' you love them. Merry Christmas from everyone at Gran's house.

Best Wishes, 


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