Saturday, December 19, 2015

Please Christmas, don't be late!

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Pappy decided to go shopping last night. Anyone who knows Gran, knows that I absolutely hate shopping, but Pappy loves it. Anyway, we did get a lot done, including finishing up little Tater Tot's gifts from Gran and Pappy. And now I have a big problem...

Christmas presents and strands of white lights

You see, ever since our children were little I've had to spend the holiday season arguing with Pappy. He's a kid-spoiler. He'd dish out present after present before Christmas Eve because he couldn't wait. He was too excited. (He's like a little kid when it comes to Christmas.) There have been many Christmases where I had to argue with him to keep him from giving them every single present before Christmas morning, and I have lost that battle a couple of times in the past few years. (The two teenagers both got gifts on Black Friday. It's that bad around here.)

So, here I am trying to keep Pappy from giving little miss Tater Tot her presents early. If she had been here when we got home last night, I'm not sure I could have held him back. He's too excited. As I prepare for another epic battle, I now anxiously await Christmas morn and hope we can make it there with at least one present unopened. And with that, I beg of you, Christmas, don't be late! (I don't know how long I can hold him back.)

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