Sunday, December 13, 2015

Tater Tot, the Sweetheart

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Friday was Dada Tater's birthday, and, of course, Tater had to wish dada happy birthday. So she did: "Hattie Bird-hey!" Too much sweetness! She's just a sweet baby. 

She had lots of visiting to do this weekend, and she finally made it here today. Pappy wasn't home when she arrived, so she played and watched the wind whip the trees around while she waited. When Pappy pulled into the driveway, she started clapping and hopping around, screaming, "PaPa, PaPa!"I think she might have missed him a bit, because she was really happy to see him. She climbed up in his recliner and snuggled, but just for a few minutes. She's a busy Tater, and a busy Tater can't sit still. 

Pappy and Tater Tot

Oh, and let's not forget Ry-ry and Caleb. She was happy to see them, too. Well, she was for a short time, but she always ends up in a grrrr moment with Ry-ry. It's funny, really. Ry-ry's room is where all the old toys are. There are tons of treasures for Tater to find. She loves treasure hunting, much to Ry-ry's chagrin. Today's treasure hunt ended up with Ry-ry growling and Tater growling right back. I think they have their own language. Either way, it's too cute to listen to them growl back and forth. 

Word of the day: Ta-da! (Complete with hands thrown around)

New thing for today: Gran is going to try out a new recipe, so let's hope Tater likes it. 

Best Wishes, 
Gran & Tater


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