Saturday, December 12, 2015

Tater Sees Santa!

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Tater Tot's picture with Santa on her second Christmas

Tater Tot & Santa 2015

Mama and Dada took Tater to have her picture taken with Santa. Isn't it precious? I had to dig out Tater's picture with Santa in 2014, and she sure has grown since then. I think it makes all of us a bit sad seeing how much she has grown this year. Mama Tater asked me a few days ago if she really was considered a toddler already. Sadly, she is. Slow down, Tater! You're growing too fast. 

Tater Tot's picture with Santa on her first Christmas

Tater Tot & Santa 2014

Mama Tater has a video of her dancing to Carol of the Bells while waiting for the Christmas parade. I'll have to ask her to send it to me so I can share the cuteness. Tater loves Carol of the Bells. She has been watching a video of Beaker, Swedish Chef, and Animal (The Muppets) singing this Christmas carol for months. If you haven't seen it, have a look and enjoy! 

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